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Poker Game Strategy

About the Game of Poker

The game of Poker is said to be two hundred years old with the online form of Poker coming into trend about three to four years back. The online poker added positive prospects to the game and helped the game to become more popular than before. Today Poker is highly ranked amongst the many casino games, both traditional as well as contemporary.

Getting Familiar with the types of Poker-

Following are some of the famous variations of Poker

- Texas Hold’Em
- Omaha poker
- 7 card stud
- 5 card stud

5-Card Stud – This variant of Poker is simple to play but it incorporates lots of skill and proficiency. The numbers from every player’s visible cards make the job easier to make a decision about the strength of your hand. There are total four betting rounds in 5-card stud. It is very important to keep endurance as you won’t be instantly registering a win. Your aim is to finish off the game with the best hand and to win the pot.

7- Card Stud – A maximum of eight players are needed for playing 7-card stud. A small amount of pot is contributed by every player and there are total of six phases in the game. Every player gets two cards with facedown and one card with face up and if you have the highest bet then you can start the game.

Texas Hold’em – This variant of poker is not very difficult to learn. The betting system is slightly different here. The game is played with a deck of 52 cards and the dealer is the one who deals every player two cards each with face down and these cards are termed as Hole or Pocket cards. You can raise, check, or fold and the kind of bets mainly depends on the kind of the game you are playing. The dealer abandons the top card as and when the betting round gets finished. Subsequently the dealer puts three more cards with face up. These cards are termed as the flop.

Omaha Poker – It is the most interesting variant of poker. The hand ranks are pretty similar and you can make use of certain cards for making the poker hand. Every player is given four private cards. With the help of two of these cards you can build up a five-card poker hand and the rest of the cards will come from the community cards.

Discussing the rules for Poker

  • You must know how many cards you will need to make an effective poker hand. This partially depends on the version of the game which you are playing. It is simpler to make a poker hand as compared to other variants of poker as you have to make a selection from a total of nine cards.
  • The first contribution at the pot by the players is also unlike other games. For some variants of the poker you have to make a payment for ante bet if the player is interested in contribute towards a hand. For Texas Hold’em and Omaha games blind bets are made by any two players for the pot.
  • The rules play an important rule for deciding about the betting as they can also differ from game to game. The game of Poker can also be played with the help of table limit or it can also have a limit arrangement.
  • Straight Flush is also an important hand in the game. It has five successive cards, all of the same suit. If you have this hand then your chances of losing are less. Also four of a kind is a very commonly found hand and if you have it then your winning chances are more.
  • How to be a winner in Poker

  • Try to avoid playing too many hands. This is the most common mistake made by players while playing poker.
  • Make sure you don’t call frequently. You should not create beneficial odds on your opponent’s drawing hands.
  • It is very important that you keep an eye on your opponent’s bluffing. There are players who bluff very frequently and if you anyhow are aware of this fact then go ahead and call their raises with the help of medium hands.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable in playing at one table you can always change it. When you are playing online there are a variety of tables to choose from.
  • You should keep a record for all your games. It is a very important move as it helps you to evaluate your winnings.
  • Summary

    When you start playing, it is very important to have the basic knowledge about the game of Poker as it will surely help you a lot in making a strategy before you start off with your game.

    Online Baccarat Strategy and Odds

    Baccarat Overview

    It is believed that the game of Baccarat is more than two thousand years old and was derived from an ancient fable. According to an old Etruscan myth, they had faith in the nine gods and they believed that these Gods lived in their Temple of Golden Hair. These nine gods had to pray to the virgin female and she had to toss a dice that bears nine sides. If with the tossing of the dice an eight or nine appeared, then she had to become a priestess in the temple and if seven or eight appears she was barred from any religious activities. It is also believed that if the virgin threw a six or lower than six then she had to enter the sea to meet her end.

    Rules of Baccarat

  • In the beginning of the game every player gets two cards each and you have to place a bet on the bank or on the player’s hand. The cards will be having specific values up to ten and note that the face cards will not be having any value.
  • An ace holds the value of one or ten and entirely depends on how the game is progressing. If your cards have a sum total of ten then you are a winner.
  • If the game is a tie then the amount used for betting will be eight times more. Just keep in mind that the game of Baccarat bears house advantage.
  • If the starting hands have a sum total of six or more than that, then you must stand. At this stage, no more cards will be dealt to you. You will be given an additional card if you have a total of less than five.
  • You can use one bet in three ways – betting on player’s hand, dealer’s hand and on a tie. In case the bet is made on the player and the dealer’s card is inferior to the player’s, then you will win. Most importantly you don’t have to make any payments for that. If you make a bet on the bank and the bank’s hand is superior to yours, then you need to pay a certain amount.
  • How to win in Baccarat- Following are some winning tips for Baccarat

  • You should prefer making a bet on the banker as you have more chances of winning. There is a commission that you need to pay just in case you win but betting on the banker is considered more rewarding.
  • Start off playing with lesser money. This will only help you in keeping a check on how much amount you have spent and how much you have to play further.
  • Keep a control on how you play the game. Always remember one thing that you are not going to always win. So it is better to leave the game if you are not winning, it is the smartest move that you can make as there is no point to keep on losing again and again.
  • Whenever you are betting on the banker you need to have extra amount as you have to make a payment if you are interested in leaving the table.
  • The game of online Baccarat is a game based on luck. Make sure that you are not dependant on your previous cards because they are not going to help you anyway. On the contrary just try and concentrate harder on what you are playing.
  • Summary

    Online Baccarat is a game that promises lots of excitement. Now that you have made yourself aware of how to go with the game, go ahead and enjoy playing one of the most exciting online games.

    Strategy to win in Slots

    Overview of Slot Machines

    In 1891 when Mr. Sittman and Mr. Pitt made a gambling machine that could be considered as an antecedent of the slot machines that are being used today. The sequence of the game is simple, the players put a coin, pull the lever and they have to anticipate that the best poker hand comes up.

    In the modern era you can always enjoy online slot machines in the comfort zone of your home, these machines function with the help of RNG (Random Number Generators). Some machines make use of the videos for stimulating the reels and the amazing graphical presentation is the reason, why majority of the players are moving to online casinos. The overall feel of the online slot machines are much exciting as compared to the older versions.

    Slot Machines Variations

    Random Jackpot Slots – With the help of ‘Random Jackpot Bonus’ feature usually the Random Jackpot Slots is either of three or five slots. The advantage that you are having is that your winning chances are more, thus these types of slots are preferred by majority of the online casinos.

    Classic 3 Reel Slots – This types of video slots can also be easily found in any land-based casinos. They are composed with a single pay line and have winning groupings up to 6-12.

    Progressive Slots – Progressive online slots are a major crowd puller at any online casino. When you are playing online it is a common feeling to win more and when you play online progressive slots you get exactly what have dreamt of, before the start of the game.

    Multi-Line 3 Reel Slots – When you are playing Multi-line 3 Reel slots you enjoy the option of making a choice for placing a bet on multiple pay lines. There are also slot machines where the more you play more you get the bonus.

    5 Reel Slots – Majority of the online players prefer playing 5 Reel Slots as it has the best graphics and you have chance of winning huge jackpot. There are multiple pay lines for 5 Reel Slots and you also get bonuses that incorporate free spins.

    Rules for Online Slots

      You start the game by making choosing coin and then you bet for the maximum number of coins. The game actually starts with the help of ‘Spin’ button.
      For all online slot machines the numbers of coins are multiplied with the payoffs giving you a winning combination. Make sure to not play with more than one coin per spin, also remember that it is not the number of coins that changes the payouts.
      You can receive attractive bonuses for playing with additional number of coins only at bonus multiplier machines. It is up to you whether you want to take a risk or not otherwise it is always better to play with a single coin.
      You can have some extra winnings combinations with the help of additional coins for buy-a-pay. Remember that whether you are playing 3-reels, 5-reels, or progressive slot machines the pay lines and the symbols can differ according to the different games.
      Make sure that you have various coin denominations such as nickel, dollar and a quarter. Before you start off the game, make yourself aware of the particular machine’s pay chart and understand the wild symbols that are put into use for another symbol.
      To collect your winning credits, you need to press the button of ‘Cash-out’.

    Winning tips for online slots

      The game for online slots has house edge and It remains whether you are playing or not. The house advantage can differ, but you should prefer playing the games that offers you nothing less than the best payout.
      The online slot machines incorporate lots of proficiency and at some slot machines you can even put the odds in your favor. There are websites that boasts of providing a system through which you can win in the online slots, which actually does not exist.
      When you are playing progressive jackpot prefer playing with additional coins, as these offer you attractive jackpots.
      Online slots offer more than ninety percent of paybacks. Just remember that your chances of registering a win are major when you play at these machines.
      You need to have a set bankroll for playing online slot machines.
      If you are comfortable playing with higher denominations then you should go ahead. Keep in mind that you can win more with a higher denomination.

    Conclusion -
    With startling graphics and displays playing online slots can prove to be an exciting experience, also it can be quite safe to play online slots if chosen the right online site. So, go ahead and enjoy the game.

    Roulette Game Winning Strategy

    Roulette Overview
    The name Roulette is included in the oldest casino games; however, the history of this game is not certain. The game of Roulette reached America in the nineteenth century and became an instant hit amongst the Americans. In France the first modern wheel was used. The year 1990 witnessed the launch of online casinos which provided more compass for the players to enjoy the game. Players today can choose between American and European Roulette. With the launch of online casinos now the players can actually use house advantage.

    Roulette Game Variations

    The game of online Roulette has two basic variants -

    - American Roulette
    - European Roulette

    American Roulette – American Roulette is believed to be simple and it offers numerous offers that the players get to enjoy. For a particular table there are some decided limits when you make big and smaller bets. For American Roulette the table is separated in two sections- group bets and individual bets. For the inside bets the bets are made on the individual numbers and nearest numbers. When you make a bet on a group of numbers then it is referred as outside bets.

    European Roulette – There are total 37 slots for European Roulette which are numbered from 1 to 36 and it also bears a zero. You need a make a bet on the ball which can have a group of numbers or may be a single number. The ball is made to spin and it spins around the wheel. When the ball comes to a halt on some particular number slot that particular number slot is the winning number.

    Rules of Roulette

    Following are the rules for Roulette

  • As there are so many numbers with different colors it is very important that you are aware of the table layout. In American Roulette the numbers include 0 and 00 along with numbers from 1 to 36. The two zero numbers are symbolized by the color of green.
  • It is also very important that you are aware of the limits those are proposed by a particular online website. Always remember that these can differ from casino to casino. If you are playing at a particular online casino then it is not necessary that the rules will be the same as the previous online casino.
  • As for the table layout, it has a total of 49 divisions. From this division around 38 are numbers. When you make a bet on some particular numbers then it is referred as inside bets and the remaining part is known as outside bets. There are different types of outside bets:

    - Dozens
    - Even Money
    - Column

  • Column Betting – In column betting the bet is placed on first, second, and third column consecutively. There are different payout ratios set for the winning in the column.

    Even Money – In even money, you make a bet on the slots which are high, low, even, or odd. If you are lucky and you win then you will be winning the same amount that you have used for betting.

    For the dozens betting you put the chips on the dozen sections which are projected as 1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12. If put in simple words it simply means that you are placing a bet on the set of twelve numbers. The first sets of twelve numbers are from 1 to 12, second batch is 13 to 24, and third one is 25 to 36.

    Winning in Roulette

    Following are some of the winning strategies for the game of Roulette –

  • Avoid making a bet on the single numbers as they have a tendency of not coming so often so the chances for your winning are not great. You should prefer to place a bet on those odds which pay you high as compared to others.
  • Make a choice for European Roulette as it only has one zero slot as compared to American Roulette’s two zero slots. When you play European Roulette because of the single zero-slot the house advantage is reduced considerably. The minimum is the house advantage more are the chances for winning.
  • Yes, it cannot be denied that everybody wants to win and win more. But try to have fun while playing online Roulette which means that keep your mind cool when you play then only you can take sensible decisions. Don’t be money-minded as it will only add more stress and pressure that could easily harm your decision making strategy.
  • It is always better to have a set amount with which you are comfortable playing with, try not to go beyond your limit. If you lose out then you are prepared to bear it and if you win then it is definitely good for you anyway. And one more thing when you think you have won enough then it is better to leave the game.
  • Summary

    With Roulette, you can also win high payouts, so go ahead and give yourself a chance to spin and enjoy the winnings.

    Blackjack Strategy and Odds

    Basics in Blackjack -

    When the dealer hits on soft 17 – Soft 17 is not amongst the frequent type of Blackjack that is put into use and is mainly used at Blackjack Switch. If the dealer’s hand is a soft-17 then only can he take additional card. It simply means that the dealer has seventeen soft points and his hand includes an ace (this eventually raises the house advantage).

    Dealer standing on soft 17 – This means that the dealer will stand at 17 and when he reaches the score of seventeen or more than that.

    Doubling – The doubling can differ from casino to casino. At some online casinos doubling is not allowed, but at some it is okay to double on any two cards when your cards bear some particular value.

    You can double after split even if the hands are split. Don’t be in an illusion that 21is a natural hand when you have split.

    Hole Cards – These are the dealer’s cards those are left off by the dealer with its face down.

    Following are the rules of Blackjack

  • The betting for Blackjack begins when all the players start making their bets and the dealer offers two cards to every player.
  • The player’s cards are dealt up face up and for the dealer’s one of the cards is dealt face down and other one face up. In the case where the dealer has a ten or an ace as their up card, then the dealer bears a blackjack.
  • If you and the dealer have a blackjack in that situation the dealer can offer you even money, this way you can earn instant money.
  • Following are the choices available to you in a blackjack:

    Stand – when you think that you are contented with your hand you can always stand.
    Hit – If any of the players got busted then only you can take an additional card.

    Double – You can double your bet in case you need one card. Make sure that you know that this can only be done with the two initial cards and also with the first initial two cards after the splitting has done.

    Surrender – You can also surrender on the first two initial cards but they are available only at some online casinos. If you are not happy with a hand you can surrender fifty percent of the bet and can leave playing with that particular hand.

    Winning at Blackjack

  • It is very important that you are aware of the objective of the game i.e. you have to beat the dealer in the game. Don’t get mislead by other casinos with view that you only have to get nearer to 21.
  • Before you start off playing you should scrutinize various blackjack tables, also ensure whether the players playing with you have enough knowledge of the game.
  • If you are a good card counter then only take insurance at a blackjack table, also you should know that the insurance is always in the favor of the casino. If you are thinking of taking insurance then you are bound to lose your money so you should think twice before taking any decision.
  • You should always keep in mind that you cannot win every time you sit to play. It is a game and winning and losing is an important part of the game. When you start playing with this frame of mind, it will help you in improving your game and make the best use of your proficiency.
  • You should prefer playing at the table where the minimum bet is five percent. There are games with game rules according to which you can double up any two cards. Whatever you do you should not forget your limits. Try to understand the rules, as they are very helpful while playing the game and ensure that you are aware of how you manage the bankroll.
  • Knowing more about Blackjack

    It is believed that the game of Blackjack was invented in France, but the exact origin of the game is still not certain. There were rumors that the game got evolved from the different card games in France but one hardly believes on it, as for making a gambling game lots of calculation is undertaken. According to experts the game which has the closest resemblance with Blackjack is vingt-et-un. In the year 1800 the game traveled to America.


    Before you start off playing the exciting game of online Blackjack and prepare yourself to win big, you should know about the rules of online Blackjack.