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History of Video Poker

The video poker machine was invented by Mr. Logan and Mr. Bill who were engineers by profession. It was in the early 1800s that the game became popular in America and the game was operated through coins in the earlier times. In the year 1970 video screens were replaced by reels in the slot machine. After the game was introduced it became an instant hit and now video poker machines can be found at majority of the online casinos.

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The rules for Video Poker are discussed below:

  • You will be dealt with five cards and it is up to you which card you want to keep and which one to discard. You will get new cards for the discarded ones. You can get extra cards for the discarded ones. There are payout schedule on every online and the winning hands are paid according to payout schedule. In the end if the rankings for your final five cards is mentioned on the payout table then you are a winner.
  • There is a screen that is divided into two parts where one section represents playing cards and the other one payout tables. There are different buttons under the playing cards and they will help you to make a selection for your bets. There are numbers printed on the buttons with the symbols of minus and plus which assists you to regulate the amount that you have used for betting.
  • The game starts when you have finalized with the betting amount and you have clicked on the button of ‘Deal’. There are two more buttons of Hold and Deal. When you have pressed the button of Hold a particular card will be held. When you have made your decision which cards you are interested in holding then click on the button of Deal and your remaining cards will get replaced. Subsequently you will get a final hand and if the final hand is a winning hand then you will receive payouts.
  • For Draw Poker you can also double your amount in the second round which is known as ‘Double Playoff Round’. The cards of the poker machine will be turned face down. If the subsequent card is higher as compared to the first card you get to win and your money will gets doubled and on the contrary if the card is lower, then you lose the money. Just in case the cards are identical then nobody is winner. Make sure to play in the double playoff round you need to pres the button of ‘double’.
  • Winning in Video Poker

  • It is very important that before you start off playing make sure that you are familiar with the payout table. When you do this you become aware of how much you will be paid for the winning hand. Make sure that you play where the payout is high so that you get to win high amount at the end of the game.
  • The game of video poker is dependant on the luck. It entirely depends on your luck as sometimes you will win and the days will also come when you have to face a defeat. There should be some amount fixed that you can afford to lose out and when you have lost that money it is a sensible move to leave the game then and there.
  • It is very important that you have evaluated your cards thoroughly. Take your time in taking decisions, there is no pressure on you, so when you hit the button for ‘Draw’ it would be better to think twice.
  • Before you start off playing it is always better to practice at some of the free online websites. There are online casinos where you just have to register and you can play for free. You can play for longer duration and there is no restriction. Try to learn as much as you can. Make various strategies about how the game should be effectively played.
  • Summary

    It is the added excitement factor that is associated with this game of Video Poker which has made the game more popular amongst the players. So go ahead and enjoy the exciting game of Video Poker which has become a craze for the online gamblers.

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