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History of Slot Machines

The game of slot machines was invented by Mr. Charles in 1800s at a workshop in San Francisco. It was kept very simple and all you had to do was match three symbols in a line, thus the game of slot machines became an instant hit amongst the players. Due to an earthquake in San Francisco the factories of slot machines got damaged and then Mills and Jennings reconstructed the game of slot machines again. The year 1909-1910 witnessed a prohibition on the slot machines.

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Types of slot machines

Number of Reels – Earlier slot machines had only three reels but for a standard slot machine there are three to five reels. Nowadays, only one pay line is featured in the latest slot machines.

Standard Slot Machine – The lines and reels are differentiated in the online slot machines. The amount for the jackpot remains the same and it does not undergo any changes, till the end of the play. Minor values are put into use for the standard slot machine which helps you to win continuously. This type is the best suited for those players who wish to play for longer hours without facing any difficulty.

Classic Slot Machine – There is a single pay line for the classic slot machine and on hitting the winning group on the pay line you get to win the cash prize. When you put a coin in the slot pay line gets turned on for the multiple pay line slots. Make sure that you play with the maximum number of coins as that enhances your chances of winning. It is always better that you play with one coin for the single pay line slot machine.

Progressive Slot Machine – For the progressive slot machine the cash amount of jackpot keep on increasing till the time it is won by somebody. If put in simple words it is very similar to lottery where the jackpot is increased with the increase in the number of the players. When you play progressive slot machine you should always play with the maximum number of coins possible, as your jackpot mainly depends on it.

Rules of Slot Machines

After making a selection for the coin just click on the coin button for playing online slots. You can also start betting for the highest coins and with the button of spin you can begin the game.

  • You should always try to play with one coin because playing with number of coins does not change the result of the game. So, it is very simple that playing with more than one coin does not make any sense.
  • For the bonus multiplier machine if you choose to play with maximum coins then there are chances you can get bonus payoffs.
  • For the progressive slot machines the jackpot can vary and the numbers of players increases. These machines function personally and are not linked with any other machine.
  • Make sure that you are aware that the pay lines and the symbols can vary according to the games like- 3-reels, 5-reels and the progressive machines. On the positive side the aim remains the same where you have to bring different symbols in a line for all the rows.
  • Winning in slot machines

    Following are some of the strategies that can be used during the game for increasing you chances of winning:

  • First and foremost begin your game with the lowest bets and you should increase it when you face a loss and decrease every time you register a win. There are a variety of online slot machines that you can play at different online websites.
  • You should make the best use of the sign-up bonuses while playing at the online casinos, try and make more money. There are online websites which offer you big amount of cash prizes when you play free online slot machine games.
  • You should remember that the online slot machines are random in nature and they are managed with the help of RNG (Random Number Generator). The spinning of every slot machine is not concerned with the previous spinning and every spin is independent in itself. Prefer playing big progressive jackpots as it has more chances of winning. Make sure that you play at the best of percentage payout slots.
  • There are payout table for every online slot machine, it helps you in keeping a track of your winnings. Create your strategies according to the payout table. If you do not want to play with more money then you should decrease the amount of your coin. If you make a bet with four small coins then it won’t cost you more and it also makes you entitled for a jackpot.
  • Summary-

    In order to ensure a winning experience take care of the rules and tricks or strategies, also do not play without a target. Slot machines can be fun and exciting if played with patience.

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